March 2024

Friendship Club expands to 3 locations

Eternal Anchor’s Friendship Club has expanded to a third location making the club more accessible and inclusive for everyone! “We believe in the power of connection and the joy of friendship,” said Teresita Reyes, Friendship Club coordinator “That’s why we’re dedicated to providing a safe and welcoming space for teens and young adults with disabilities to come together to foster meaningful friendships, explore their creativity, and learn new skills.” 

Fostering friendship and interpersonal connections is profoundly significant for young adults with disabilities as it plays a pivotal role in their emotional well-being, social integration, and overall quality of life. Building friendships provides a support network that offers understanding, empathy, and companionship, mitigating feelings of isolation and loneliness that individuals with disabilities can experience. Our Friendship Club now meets in Camalú on Mondays, in Emiliano Zapata on Tuesdays through Thursdays, and in Lazaro Cardenas on Fridays making it easier than ever for individuals to join us and be part of our amazing community. 

Learn more about the Friendship Club

Relive the excitement of Night to Shine

We’re thrilled to take you back on a journey to the heartwarming moments, the dazzling smiles, incredible dancing, and the wonderful memories shared during our 5th Annual Night to Shine, hosted by Eternal Anchor and sponsored by the Tim Tebow Foundation. Watch with us and reminisce on the joy that makes Night to Shine truly special. Whether you were on the dance floor, volunteering behind the scenes, or cheering from afar, this video is a tribute to our amazing guests of honor…each of them a shining star whose light brightens the world every day. Night to Shine is centered on God’s love for people with disabilities, and we are proud to be part of this global movement. Eternal Anchor’s Night to Shine was one of just two held in Mexico this year!

Watch our 2024 Night to Shine video

Essential tips for inclusive interactions

Did you know that nearly 1 in 10 individuals in Mexico live with a physical, visual, or auditory disability that affects their daily lives? When disability etiquette is used, everyone feels more comfortable and interacts more effectively. People with disabilities are people first. They deserve dignity and respect, as do all people everywhere. Here are some tips that cover what often goes overlooked in everyday life.

🔸 Use respectful, person-first language. Avoid saying handicapped or wheelchair-bound. Instead, say a person with a disability or a wheelchair user.
🔸 Ask before you help. If you offer and the person with a disability accepts, follow their instructions. They know their capabilities.
🔸 Do not touch, pat, or grab. No one wants to be touched without consent, including people with disabilities. Do not touch, grab, or guide them or their wheelchair, scooter or cane without permission.
🔸 Speak directly to the person with a disability. Also, remember that most people – including those with disabilities – would rather not discuss their bodies or medical history with people they just met.
🔸 Avoid making assumptions. People with disabilities are the best judge of what they can or cannot do.
🔸 Be open to requests for access or accommodation. Nurturing an equitable, inclusive society is up to all of us. Ensuring your business is accessible and committing to accommodations upon request showcases dedication and excellent service to all community members.
🔸 Remember, some disabilities are invisible. People with autism or intellectual disabilities may process information differently than you do, so be patient and understanding when communicating with them.
🔸 Be respectful. People with disabilities are individuals with families, jobs, hobbies, likes and dislikes, and problems and joys. While their disability is integral to their identity, it does not define them. Don’t make them into heroes or victims.

Eternal Anchor serves the San Quintin Valley with comprehensive disability services and seeks to facilitate the full inclusion of all people with disabilities into all aspects of our community. We all become stronger when we understand and support each other.

Check out this video to watch Chef Kenny prepare his lunch! Empowering individuals like Kenny to learn essential life skills not only boosts their confidence and independence, but these skills are the building blocks of a more inclusive society. So here’s to Kenny and all the amazing individuals out there embracing their potential and proving that anything is possible with the right support and opportunities!
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