Posada Ancla Eterna opens!

Posada Ancla Eterna is open and ready to welcome YOU! Located in the heart of Vicente Guerrero, our new guest facility has welcomed more than 100 satisfied guests. Posada Ancla Eterna offers visitors to the San Quintin Valley a comfortable, affordable, and safe home-away-from-home. Whether traveling to the valley on a mission trip, bringing a team to partner with Eternal Anchor, visiting the area’s natural and cultural attractions, coming to fish or boat, or simply needing a place to spend the night, Posada Ancla Eterna is just the place you’ve been looking for.

Posada Ancla Eterna’s main building offers clean, comfortable lodging for up to 55 people. A large, commercial kitchen and multi-functional dining room are located on the first floor, with sleeping quarters and bathrooms on the second floor. Outdoors, there are built-in BBQs, a large patio area with stone and tile tables, a fire pit, and hammocks. There is ample parking available on site. To check availability or get rates, email us today at posada@eternalanchor.org.

New school construction underway

Construction is underway on Eternal Anchor’s new special needs school! “This has been years in the making and we are so excited to finally begin work on turning this vision into a reality,” said Austin Robinson, Eternal Anchor’s executive director. “We have 40 precious children in our school right now who have no alternative for an education. But we also have a waitlist of over 50 kids, which is heartbreaking. Our new school will more than double our current capacity!”

If your church is looking for a ministry partner, Eternal Anchor is a life-changing, hope-giving ministry that is worthy of support. You can sign up today to become a partner at https://eternalanchor.org/online-giving/. if you live in the United States or Canada. In Mexico, visit https://donorbox.org/gracias-por-su-apoyo. It takes just two minutes to sign up and join our international collaboration to spread love to our rural communities in the San Quintin Valley.

Give a book; build a school

Since our founding, Eternal Anchor has strived to break down barriers, create opportunities, and help change lives for those with disabilities. Reading and books can help do the same. And now, a new book by local author, childhood psychologist, and friend of Eternal Anchor – Jacquline Campos – can do that and help build our new school! “Un Amigo en el Corazón” (A Friend in the Heart) shows the friendship between children and animals, and the emotions surrounding the loss of these friends. Thanks to Jacqueline’s relationship with Eternal Anchor, our logo is incorporated on the cover and the book includes a child in a wheelchair. To learn more about how you can give the gift of reading and help build a classroom, use the link below to visit our YouTube channel. Then visit us at https://eternalanchor.org/online-giving/ to make your donation by selecting “Un Amigo En El Corazón book” from the drop-down menu.